VOLVO F88 v1.4 by XBS [1.33.x]

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VOLVO F88 v1.4 by XBS [1.33.x]VOLVO F88 v1.4 by XBS [1.33.x]VOLVO F88 v1.4 by XBS [1.33.x]

- Standalone trucks, 
- Sold in Volvo Dealer shop.
- No details from other games or mods.
- Model and additional details created in the 3d editor for this truck.
- for Ets2 1.32.x-1.33.x game versions
New version 1.4:
- Compatibility with version of the game 1.33.
- Added: Top Bed in sleeper.
- Added: Cab Flares.
- Added: Painted Door step.
- Added: Two Front grill Australin style (paint and black metall).
- Added: odometer.
- Fixed: chassis tremor.
- Fixed: wipers animation.
- Fixed: raindrops on the windows of the sleeper, and the rear window.

Game Version: 1.33
Mod Version: 1.4

Download Link #1: Download this mod

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