State Highway Patrol v 1.42

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State Highway Patrol v 1.42State Highway Patrol v 1.42

State Highway Patrol v1.42 ATS

Data files have been edited to ensure the mod works in ATS 1.32 without removing any new features added by SCS in the mean time

you will see this mod's highway patrol cars spawning in cities where no city police car of that model is available,

because these models were all designed for the old system where the default appearance was a state highway

patrol livery and city police were variants. (In the vanilla game's new cars, the default appearance is a

generic police car and specific city liveries are variants; highway patrol are entirely different animals.)

Note: If you have an “AI Traffic Density” mod, make sure to give the Highway Patrol mod higher priority

(higher on the totem pole in the Mod Manager) to ensure that you don’t have California cops spawning in Nevada, for example.

“Police Density” mods are completely incompatible and should be removed

Keeper & gabenz88
Game Version: 1.32
Mod Version: 1.42

Download Link #1: Download this mod

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