Rudis Rush Hour

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Rudis Rush Hour

This version will work only with 1.33!! It´s not compatible with 1.32 or below!!!

In this version, there is plenty of traffic all day long.
Of course also Rush Hours in the morning and in the afternoon.

The AI's are actually also friendly, but nevertheless it comes from time to time to accidents.
Normally it will be quickly resolved, but it can be also happens that you stuck. Therefore I recommend to quick save the game from time to time.

- No slow cars by rain and in the night. (thx piva)
- No stupid overtaking AI´s at national roads. (thx Todor Alin)
- More traffic in the citys, (thx piva) but not to much, i don´t like it.

This mod should work with any maps, and Skin/Trailer packs.

Game Version: 1.33
Mod Version: 1.33

Download Link #1: Download this mod
Download Link #2: Download this mod

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