Recommended Suspension Physics Settings For ETS 2

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recommended suspension physics settings for ets 2 - Recommended Suspension Physics Settings For ETS 2

SCS recommended some physics settings to let you get a real truck move after it started to release 1.33 update including physical improvements. You will find all suspension physics settings in this article.

You need to be able to go to console in order to apply these settings.(open My documents/EuroTruckSimulator2/config.cfg and make sure that usetg_developer is set “1” and usetg_console is set “1”. Then you can open it by pressing “é” during the game.”


g_truck_stability 0 (When you write this code, the balance of the tow truck is decreased to 0. It is stated that it moves just as it does in real. This setting hasn’t been added to the interface of the game, yet.

g_trailer_stability 0 (balance of the trailer.)

g_suspension_stiffness 0 (It is a new setting that was added with 1.33 version and it is changed on console. You can use it in different rates such as 0.5, 0.7, 0.1

Truck physics that players want for a long time may start to be formed slowly if various settings except hard suspension are added in the following updates. Once these settings are applied, of course these effect fast turn, sharp bend, truck frame, trailer and driving very much. If you create physics modes, things will change. Besides, these settings will be effective in every truck. When you set up a mod truck, that will be available. However, its moving can be different due to the settings that was made by its creator. I have been using it in this way for a long time and I am so glad.

Warning! This is also available for American Truck Simulator. You can try same codes there as well. We explained everything. Enjoy your driving!

Warning! These console codes are independent from game versions. They won’t change when a new update is released. They will stay permanent, but performance will change while SCS Software upgrades these physics settings in new updates.

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