Mod Upload Rules

1-) You must be a member to send the mod.
2-) If you have more than 30 mods on our site, all the mods you send after 30 mods are automatically published instantly (no approval required)
3-) Mods of members with less than 30 posts / mods on our site must be reviewed by the site moderators. Usually, the mode you send is reviewed and published within a maximum of 5 hours.
4-) All fields in the form must be in English.
5-) Mods containing advertise from other sites are not published.
6-) URL Shortener links are not approved.(If you want to add a URL Shortener link, you need to add one direct link to the other download field.)
7-) If you have 30 or more mods on the site, you will automatically receive a Modder badge and Modder membership.

All mods on our site are added by members. If you are a modder, and you have a mode on our site, you can request that this mode be removed or that the download link is changed.

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