Mercedes Actros MP2 v3.2 [1.33]

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Mercedes Actros MP2 v3.2  [1.33]

Changelog 3.0:
fixed gauges.
fixed head lights.
fixed sticker visor on interior, now you can see the sticker.
fixed integrated gps brightness.
truck mapped by capital.
added 8x4 Chassis.
added 4x2 chassis with two big tanks and 1200l of fuel capacity.
added fenders, now you can choose open/close fenders.
added mufflers, now you can choose short, big, stock muffler.
added some new upgrades.
added tandem addon.
added new v6 and v8 sound by leen, reworked by me.
added new signs made by tobrago.
fully reworked all chassis variants.
reworked ext-interior.

Changelog 3.1:
fixed collision damage with trailer krone.
fixed missing textures.
added slots for lights on grill.
added white variants for sitickers on the cab.

Changelog 3.2:
updated the anims to work with new rain system.
removed oudated piva dashboard.
fixed interior glass brightness.
improved interior glass reflection.
fixed rear plate position on all chassis.
small rework on interiors.
added old mercedes steering wheel.

Game Version: 1.33
Mod Version: 3.2

Download Link #1: Download this mod
Download Link #2: Download this mod

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