If you want, you can member by clicking on “Register” in the top menu or by clicking “Create An Account” in the right sidebar. E-mail activation is not required.

Once you are a member, you can upload a profile picture by going to your profile page (Sidebar> View Profile) and clicking on the “Edit Profile” button.

By clicking “My Mods” in Sidebar, you can see the mods you have upload.

Yeah, you can do that. To do this, go to the “My Mods” page in the Sidebar Profile and edit the mod you want to edit by clicking “Edit”.

Sending mod is quite simple, you can go to “Send Mods” page in the menu and send mod.

We review and publish the mod you send within 10 hours at the latest. Users with the Modder role can publish their own mods.

There are 2 user rank(role) on the site. These roles are Member and Modder. The user with the Member role is a standard member and has no feature. The user with the Modder role has the “Modder” badge and can publish his / her own mods without the need for authorized approval.

To get the role of Modder, you must have at least 30 mods on the site and after 30 mods, the system automatically gives you the modder role and the modder badge.

To send a message to a member, enter his profile and click the message icon.

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