Ets 2 RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012 (1.35) Mod

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– 4 types of cabins
– 57 chassis types, 7 original and 50 additional.
– 9 engines.
– 8 new Transmissions.
– 4 types of interior.
– More than 230 Skins (if you have all the DLC).
– Original accessories, front grille, front mirror, side mirror, side skirts, tanks, cranes, rear bumpers, middle exhaust pipes, small lights, Eagle Eyes Lights Crane, Stone Guard, front hook cover and body.
– Original accessories for the interior, Light Boards, toys and rear lights for the interior.
– Front and rear Krone tires.
– Tandem trailers.
– Dolly Trailers Trailers.

Bugs fixed

Mod updated for game version 1.35

Remon Pnoill Israil Enwia

Download Link: Download mod

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