ETS 2 ReShade v2.0 – “fakeDX11”

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ETS 2 ReShade v2.0 - "fakeDX11"

Bringing you the most realistic preset to date.

Multiple presets to suit anyone's definiton of realistic withing the limits of ETS2 and ReShade

1. Copy presets to your bin\win_x64 folder in your ETS2 install directory.

2. Run Reshade, download needed shaders.

3. Start the game, press Shift+F1 and select the desired preset.

You can uncheck any shader you don't need. (like FXAA for example, if you use a different AA solution)

Game Version: 1.32
Mod Version: 2.0

Download Link #1: Download this mod
Download Link #2: Download this mod

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