ETS 2 Renault Premium Route Rework (1.31 – 1.32)

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ets 2 renault premium route rework 1.31 – 1.32 2 - ETS 2 Renault Premium Route Rework (1.31 – 1.32)

ets 2 renault premium route rework 1.31 – 1.32 3 - ETS 2 Renault Premium Route Rework (1.31 – 1.32)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 RENAULT PREMIUM ROUTE REWORK 20.08.2018 1.31.X – 1.32.X

– added cables support
– fixed minor material issue
– reworked 4×2 fifth wheel model to better resemble real life one

So what this mod does?
This mod reworks default SCS REnault Premium and fixes most exterior bugs I was able to find, additionally some new parts are added.
Full list of changes:
-reworked chassis models, cleaned and unified everything
-changed materials and textures to achieve more realistic look
-readjusted chassis height and relative wheel positions
-added propper rear fender models
-added proper rear lamp models
-added missing side lights
-side lights are working properly with flares
-reworked sideskirts
-added 6x sideskirts
-changed texture on fueltanks to mat aluminium
-added fuel level indicators for fueltanks
-removed unnecessary parts from 6x chassis
-reworked muffler and added propper exhaust piping
-updated Adblue tank
-reworked, retextured chassis covers
-replaced fifth wheels with better quality Jost sliders
-reworked headlights
-added missing flares
-reworked lightmasks
-removed front bottom chassis cover and added it as a separate accessory
-added new bottom bars with and without bottom covers
-added front and rear mudflaps
-removed unnecessary parts from front bumper
-reworked AO textures
-fixed multiple parts on both cabs
-added multiple missing parts
-added missing engine badges
-added 3 new Euro6 engines based on Renault Range T with custom badges
-rebuilt main grill with a higher quality texture
-adjusted most materials to resemble real life parts
-reworked main mirrors (including interior models of those)
-added 2 new variants of main mirrors
-added paintable variant for front and side mirror
-added a few sunvisors and reworked existing ones
-added “slots” roofbars for both cabs
-added missing “beacon” slots
-fixed naming of multiple parts

Game Version:
1.31 – 1.32
Special thanks to:
-Renault Trucks for providing some referrence data
-Siperia for some parts inspirations
-Carl1992 – testing

Download Links:
Link #1:
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