Ets 2 Knapen K100 Skins (1.34) Mod

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20 addon skins for Kast Knapen trailer, in traffic + ownable.

Also I made the def files for Kast skins in his original mod, so they are now also ownable.

This skins are done from Fabry85, Ogentor and Arnook.

And i reworked the trailer-traffic files. Now you will see the trailer/skins more often in traffic.

You need Kast trailer mod, without my skins will not work!!

You find the trailer HERE:

Loading order: Place my skins above the main mod!!!

Rudi skins:

01) Franz Fischer D

02) Trucktat D

03) maas D

04) Baetsen NL

05) Rüdebusch D

06) Kremer D

07) ALBA D

08) Raiffeisen D

09) H.S. Agri NL

10) AB Transport NL

11) Eulag D


13) MAES B

14) Achteres NL

15) Welog AT

16) Pinguin Radio NL

17) Hummel NL

18) Albers NL

19) Legro NL

20) Fire Stixx D


Download Link: Download mod

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