ETS 2 Bmw M3 & M4 Package (1.31)

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ets 2 bmw m3 m4 package 1.31 2 - ETS 2 Bmw M3 & M4 Package (1.31)

ets 2 bmw m3 m4 package 1.31 3 - ETS 2 Bmw M3 & M4 Package (1.31)

ets 2 bmw m3 m4 package 1.31 4 - ETS 2 Bmw M3 & M4 Package (1.31)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 BMW M3 & M4 Package 1.31.x
-We offer three different chassis options (m4 gmg editon, m4 gts and m3 f30 sedan)
-2 different engine sounds (we have the choice of low performance and high performance)
-5 different wheel options, all original rims (select original tire slot for original wheel, select extra tire for extra-rims wheels)
-wheel is made specially for every 3 cars
-You can see the high performance motor 300 comfortably, the low performance motor is slightly slower than the speed rise, and there is a separate motor voice for both
-Modify the tool by looking carefully at the slot names in the options (I give you an example, choose the tool gmg editon from the wheel, select the rim and rubber part as extra rubber in the tire gmg editon extra)
-the BMW M4 made by my brother first, the new version made from my side
–I have tried to speed up the acceleration and improvement of the road by myself.
–versions For 1.27 and 1.28x it is smooth and flawless.
-five interior or exterior
-Buy in all galleries
-inteiror producer and animations: Kadir yağız
-Mod producer: Burak Tuna 24
-1.31 fixed: Yunus Aman
Game Version:
BurakTuna24, Kadir Yağız , Yunus Aman

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