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Ekeri trailers, there is selection of variants in freight market: standard, steeraxle, citytrailer, huckepack, tail-lift, cooler, different lights, doubles, different side covers, real company skins.
Ownable trailers has been added with many variants, standard 4m and 4,4m seitrailers, stepframe, citytrailer, doubles. Pluss all kinds of customisable options.

Pack includes:
- 19 variants of the Ekeri trailers
- Lumikko, Carrier coolers
- Real company skins
- Double trailers
- own wheels
- Standalone
- Advanced coupling
- Trailer lift axle
- Company paintjob system
- Animated braces
- Trailer cables
- Ownable trailers
- Trailer in traffic

Changes in v2.0.5:
-Ekeri Ledline D22/D33 lights added
-Fixed some parts
-one trailer added to traffic

In the archive:

- addon to restrict doubles in Promods
- addon no restrictions for double trailers

Kast - Trailers
SCS - Everything

Skins, textures:

Semitrailer wheels
Abasstreppas - original textures, high poly model
50keda - low poly base
Kast - wheels

Mid-axle and jumbo trailer wheels

Flares for the LEDs:
Game Version: 1.33 - 1.34
Mod Version: 2.0.5

Download Link #1: Download this mod
Steam Workshop: Go to steamworkshop
Updated: February 11, 2019 — 2:04 pm

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