EKERI Ownable Default Skins ADDON

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EKERI Ownable Default Skins ADDON

Make the default skins from main MOD available for the Ownable trailers.

More than 1OO (well even more) combinations available (who need to count?).

To Keep In Mind:
As there is NOT a Company skin made for EVERY trailer in the main MOD
some combinations will ONLY show a plain coloured TRAILER.

However that trailer will have the coloured accessories that the COMPANY skinned
trailer has so it will be useful anyway (IMO).

- You need the MAIN MOD(s) to have this Addon working (obviously)
Ekeri Trailers by Kast
Ekeri Tandem Trailers Addon by Kast

Original skins: Fabry85 and Ogentor
Creator of Ekeri ...AND MORE: KAST
MODcompiler and custom colours: m1keY
Game Version: 1.32
Download Link #1: Download this mod

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