Bus Caio Millennium 2 PBC 1.33.x

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Bus Caio Millennium 2 PBC 1.33.xBus Caio Millennium 2 PBC 1.33.xBus Caio Millennium 2 PBC 1.33.xBus Caio Millennium 2 PBC 1.33.x

Caio Millennium II PBC was the first partially low floor bus (PBC = Piso Baixo Central, in EN: Central Low-Floor) to arrive in great quantity in the city of São Paulo, around 2006/2007, adapted in a chassis Mercedes high-floor

Model: Caio Millennium 2 PBC
Manufacturer: Caio Induscar
Chassis: O-500M 1726 (Manufactured by Mercedes Benz)
Engine: OM-926 LA (Manufactured by Mercedes Benz)

Converted for Euro Truck Simulator 2 by Cristhian Cardoso
Model by Marcos Elias Picão
Sound: Wallace Machado(OMSI2)/Cristhian Cardoso (Adapted for ETS2)
Skins: Gilberto Jr, Cristhian

Available from the Mercedes dealer (Not in the UK)

OBS. It is not allowed to upload the mod to other sites without authorization!
OBS². Does not come with passenger mod
OBS³. Compatible with version 1.32x-1.33x

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Cristhian Cardoso

Cristhian Cardoso
Game Version: 1.33
Mod Version: 1.0

Download Link #1: Download this mod

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