Boreman LED Marker Lights v1.61

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Boreman LED Marker Lights v1.61Boreman LED Marker Lights v1.61

HQ 3d model
Custom flares
Custom light-mask
8 light colours: white, light orange, red, amber, blue, cyan, green, purple
2 strobe variants: strobes only or strobes + backlight
3 strobe modes: single alternate, left, right
Amber & red blinker variants – IMPORTANT- Red blinker has limited functionality in ETS 2

Added 5 new suitable part types.
Changed amber LED light-mask; added amber & red blinker variants; added 11 new “suitable_for” entries
Fixed missing beacon suitable.
Added new strobe modes: left & right
Textures for non-standard colours got completely re-done, textures size significantly reduced, all flares replaced, all flare definition colour data tweaked, “led + strobe” variant now casts light when strobe is off.
Tweaked amber and yellow flares, increased range of static flares by 0.1m; increased strobe flares range to 2.5m, tweaked the 3D model of the light housing, added extender add-on.
New flares, 2 new strobe variants, tweaked flare data, added some new suitables.
Twekaed the amber LED light colour and flare; tweaked the position of the models to reduce compatibility issues with some parts/mods; added new compatible suitable_for parts.
Added support for: Peterbilt 387 by Viper2, Peterbilt 579 by Tom Dooley, Freightliner FLB by Harven, Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth
Reduced the physical size of the models about 5%; slightly increased the length and angle of flare light cast; added 5 colours: amber, blue, cyan, green, purple

Game Version: 1.32
Mod Version: 1.6.1

Download Link #1: Download this mod

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