Add-on for Romania map by Alexandru

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Add-on for Romania map by Alexandru

Add_on_for_Romania_map_by_Alexandru :
Enabled, in traffic, emergency vehicles, tractors and others special Romanian vehicles.
Added passengers cab light for Romanian bus.
Added Romanian names for drivers.

Enabled, in game, owned double trailers.

Activated specific city traffic for all cities in map.
Added missing bus stop where nedeed.
Unlocked for ai traffic all roads, including villages and country roads (with verry low traffic).
Changed water style from old SCS's style to flowing in all places, except a small place near Simeria.

All files are for 0.2 version of map. All parts from add-on are standalone, can be used in any combination, but ALL of them MUST HAVE HIGHER PRIORITY then original map files !!!

Todor Alin
Game Version: 1.32
Mod Version: 0.2

Download Link #1: Download this mod
Download Link #2: Download this mod

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