17 warehouses

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17 warehouses17 warehouses17 warehouses17 warehouses17 warehouses

17 warehouses with virtual companies, you DON’T need any DLC

- Bruxelles (Ficfic) for Transports Logistics Internationaux

- Bruxelles 2 (DkCH) for Nakamura E-Sports

- Calais (Ficfic) for Bside Transports

- Dijon (Ficfic) for Sotracom Pinguet

- Dresden (Farmer'S [TV]) for Transport Termo Trans Line

- Genève (DkCH) for Wallois & Fils

- Kiel (Farmer'S [TV]) for S.E.C

- Lille (Ficfic) for L.C.D.E

- Luxembourg (DkCH) for Off White Logistics

- Metz (Ficfic) for L'Hermine Transport

- Metz 2 (Ficfic) for Lorraine Transport

- Metz 3 (Ficfic) for Moulins Transport

- Paris (Ficfic) for Trans-Alsace

- Paris 2 (Ficfic) for Transport BTB

- Reims (DkCH) for S.T.F.E

- Strasbourg (Ficfic) for CTA

Game Version: 1.32
Mod Version: 1.32

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Download Link #2: Download this mod

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